Life is not made by solving problems, but by spending time,energy and thought in moving steadily towards your goals and its in this regard that Milele have put in place a quality control department (QC) which does regular visits to the farms and checks quality from growers to makes sure that good quality is delivered right from the farm to the airport. This zero rates any freight loss the client may incur as a result of lack of comprehensive quality control through the supply chain. Kindly check our quality checklists above.

Our quality department at the airport ensures that all the specs , quality ,
packaging is upto client’s requirements. This ensures that our client doesn’t lose a penny on
freight when poor quality flowers are sent. We use a standard quality check list as attached to ensure that all details of quality are communicated to both the client and the growers or any other party concerned.

We do value addition on request, this also involves unique specifications requirements such as special bunching, sleeving, bunch coding,Bouquet, Rainbow, Assorted mix, Devitalization, box labeling and so on. Most growers are ready to accommodate these requirements, though some may require we supply materials or may entail an extra charge, which we incorporate in our pricing structure.

Our QC ensure that all the standard quality parameters are met to avoid loss through pay for their freight cost yet they dont meet market standards. This innovative and unique services ensure that customers are individualized and given that individualized customer services by providing to our customers with what they want,when and how they want it.

We also request for a well detailed specifications on sending us any order to ensure that we dont overlook etc.

For any concerned or questions please contact QC Department now : qc_complaints@mileleflowers.com