About Us


Milele flowers is a fresh cut flowers company based in Kenya. our Main Office is located 5 km from JKIA enabling us to get access of quality checking the flowers before they are dispatched to the clients. we pride ourselves for this noble location as it is accessible.

Milele flowers also grows Summer flowers, a small land in Thika. its Expansion is underway to expand and hoping in the near future will also be able to incorporate Roses and Sprayroses as well in our prospective land in Timau area.

Milele flowers has a procedural plan to unveil and actualize its mandate. This ensures that everything is carried out in a professional manner and with the high quality it deserve to ensure that our customers receive the best in terms of product and service Procedure for handling orders and inquiries.

Milele Flowers has the best reception when it comes to customer care and order handling. we try as much as possible to give value to our clients money. Our duties as Milele team is towards achieving customers objectives as we treat them as our key asset. We both protect and safeguard our reputation and image by all means, this also involves going extra miles to ensure that all parties are satisfied.

Milele team not only works hard, but smart with our humble beginning and good experience in this industry. The combined experience of the Principal Owner,bring upper office management skills, high levels of customer services. As Milele flowers, we know its not the number of people a business employs or the size of the building that matters.its the philosophy behind the way the business is run that counts