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Ever thought of ordering flowers from Kenya? Milele Flowers have all types of colors for roses, fillers, sprayroses,summers: welcome to Milele Flowers The Home of Every Flowers From Kenya

Milele Flowers is a Kenyan Based company, we comprehensively deals with flowers which includes: Roses, Fillers, Sprayroses. Our Fillers are Unique in the Market they include: Gypsophilia, oriental lillies, calla lillies, Asiatic Lillies,Leather ferns, Craspendia,Hydrangea, sprays & Standard Carnations,Hanging Amaranthus, Agapathus, Eucalyptus etc Why Milele flowers: its because we try to keep everything simple and professional. The word Milele is a Swahili word which means long span and in flower industry it means long vase life just like our slogan Evergreen.

Milele Flowers, ensure that all our services are of good quality and that we don’t just sell flowers to you, but we also prioritize on quality, vase life, competitive prices and the efficiency in the whole supply chain. Milele flowers is a global company which means our services are of international standard.

Milele flowers enjoys its uniqueness from its various varieties, head-size, prices and certifications realized from its different categories, our quality control department (QC) works day and night to zero rates any freight loss the client may incur as a result of lack of comprehensive quality control through the supply chain. Kindly check our quality checklists. Milele Flowers also offer extra services such as advising our clients on new varieties, availability and price implications from different Categories. this also involve advicing our clients on freight costs and factors affecting these costs in addition to booking the freight on their behalf. We look and establish trade relations and partnerships with all the stakeholders in the supply chain whom we can trust in both quality and reliability anchored on professionalism and sound business practice. We subscribe to a high standard of ethics through our experienced staffs who keep abreast of trends globally.

Browse and order a beautiful bouquet of fresh red Roses. Make your romantic gesture in style. Insist on florist made, insist on www.mileleflowers.com

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